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Sod - Plantings - Topsoil - Gravel - Decorative Stone & Boulders Pebblestone Walkways - Driveways - Paths - Mulch - Trees - Shrubs

Hamptons Landscaping & Masonry Contractors handles all Landscaping Projects, from Small Touch Ups to complete Property Transformations.

Sod & Planting Services
For Immediate Green Grass Landscapes and Healthy Rich and Full Bushes and Shrubs, our Sod and Planting Services will have your property looking Pristine in the matter of 1 or 2 Days

Topsoil & Lawn Restorations
Healthy Topsoil is Key to the Survival and Healthy Appearance of any Lawn. We deliver and apply Topsoil along with our complete Lawn Restoration Services which include ripping up old unhealthy weed ridden lawns, digging down deep removing all of the roots pesky weeds that have one mission, to overtake and destroy your lawn. We then apply an applicable amount of Topsoil along with proper seeding and fertilizer if you choose a seeding application, or for an immediate green healthy lawn, we deliver and lay down rich Long Island Grown Sod.



Mulch Applications
Mulch is a beautiful enhancement for any well manicured lawn. It comes in various colors and helps keep weeds from not growing, along with keeping roots of trees and shrubs covered, helping to ensure the health of what it surrounds and covers along with keeping a barrier between your grass and horticulture plantings.

Grading Your Property
There aren't many things worse than walking across your lawn and twisting your ankle on an uneven grounding, not only ruining your day but sometimes winds up requiring weeks of physical therapy. Holes, gullies, uneven land is hard on the eye and hard to enjoy. Our Grading services level out and fill in uneven property to make it more appealing for both walking, playing and viewing.



Adding Stone to your Landscape
Pebble Stone, Crushed Stone, Gravel placed in areas where you don't want either grass or shrubs yet want it to blend in with the natural look of your landscape, enhances the beauty property landscapes.


Big and Heavy, Boulders come in various sizes, shapes and colors. Placed in the right area of your property, they give distinctive enhancement and beauty to property layouts.

We have been servicing homes and businesses in Long Island for nearly 20 years. We are a full service Landscaping and Masonry Design Contracting Company. Many times, as a job progresses, property owners might want to have additional work done while we are on the job site completing the original job we were hired to perform. In instances like this, the additional work would wind up costing less than usual because we are already at the job site and have our equiptment there.

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