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Hampton Long Island Mason Contractors

We are Professional Licensed and Insured Mason Contractors Serving the East End of Long Island with all Mason Related Projects, including Patios, Walkways, Steps, Stoops, Poolscapes, Firepits , Retaining Walls & Cultured Stone Facing.

Stone Facing
Cultured Stone and Stone Veneer Facing Treatments on interior and exterior walls of your home including foundation facings and retaining walls. For more info click here

Paver Stone Walkways
We build small, medium and large sized walkways using any type of Stone (including concrete) that is available on the market. All walkways are built ontop of a Paver Base which ensures proper drainage for a long lasting appearance. For more information visit our Stone Walkway page here.

Paver Stone Patios
Any Style, Any Shape, Any Size Patio, we can build using Any Stone that is on the market including Cambridge Paving Stone, Nicolock, Techo Bloc, Blue Stone, and Clay Brick. We build patios ontop of Paver Base (as we do for Walkways) for proper drainage ensuring a long lasting durable appearance. For more information visit our Stone Paver Patio page here.

Stone Paver Pool Patios / Poolscapes
Pool Patios, also referred to as Poolscapes can be built for either inground or semi inground pools. Poolscapes are built with a reinforced concrete base, then a paver base, and then the Custom Stone of your choice ontop. If the Stone that you desire is on the market, we install it. For more information, visit our Poolscape page here.

Retaining Walls
We build long lasting Retaining Walls with either Custom Stone Block or Concrete. Concrete Retaining Walls can look bland but they can be finished with a Cultured Stone or Stone Veneer Facing giving it a unique exquisite long lasting appearance. Whether you need a small, medium or large sized retaining wall, we have the experience and know how to construct the right one for your needs. For more information visit our Retaining Wall page here.

Firepits and Grilling Stations
We assemble Firepits and Grilling Station kits that are made by both Cambridge Stone and Nicolock. For more information, visit our Firepit and Grilling Station page here.

Adding Stone to your Landscape
Pebble Stone, Crushed Stone, Gravel placed in areas where you don't want either grass or shrubs yet want it to blend in with the natural look of your landscape, enhances the beauty property landscapes.

We have been servicing homes and businesses in Long Island for nearly 20 years. We are a full service Landscaping and Masonry Design Contracting Company. Many times, as a job progresses, property owners might want to have additional work done while we are on the job site completing the original job we were hired to perform. In instances like this, the additional work would wind up costing less than usual because we are already at the job site and have our equiptment there.


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