Backyard and Poolside Waterfalls
Hampton Long Island Mason Contractors

Pictured right is a streaming waterfall we built in a homeowners yard that had a natural slope. We custom built this waterfall, supported by small and medium sized boulders to hold the landscape in place while water flows down a multi level waterfall with slate at each level. The water then settles in a small pond that will be the home of Goldfish. (The paver steps next to the waterfall is also our work)

Boulders come in various sizes and once placed, they don't move. We can place boulders on your property in desired locations for various applications.

Rolling Landscape Waterfalls
We transformed a homeowners uneven hilly landscape (below) into their very own private oasis. They now have their very own private waterfall, alongside a custom built Stone Paver Patio Deck and Stairs that we proudly designed and built. We have been building backyard projects like this for years and have the knowledge, skill and experience to transform any homeowners dream into their own backyard property makeover dream come true.

We have been servicing homes and businesses in Long Island for nearly 20 years. We are a full service Landscaping and Masonry Design Contracting Company. Many times, as a job progresses, property owners might want to have additional work done while we are on the job site completing the original job we were hired to perform. In instances like this, the additional work would wind up costing less than usual because we are already at the job site and have our equiptment there.


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